<html> <HEAD> <TITLE> MaxClear Blank Optica Crystal, Glass Awards on sale!</TITLE> <META NAME="DESCRIPTION" CONTENT=" Max Gift International provides the blank, engravable Optical Crystal and Jade Glass awards, trophies, for laser engraving, etching and sandblasting."> <META NAME="KEYWORDS" CONTENT=" MaxClear, season sale, blank Crystal and glass awards, laser etching, Etching, Sandblasting, sandblasting, engraving, Engraving. promotion, Awards, AWARDS, awards, trophy, Trophy, trophies, Jade, Globe, figurine, ornament, Golf, sports, recognition, achievement"> <style fprolloverstyle>A:hover {color: #000070; font-family: Arial; font-size: 11pt; font-weight: bold} </style> <script id="mcjs">!function(c,h,i,m,p){m=c.createElement(h),p=c.getElementsByTagName(h)[0],m.async=1,m.src=i,p.parentNode.insertBefore(m,p)}(document,"script","https://chimpstatic.com/mcjs-connected/js/users/ec76df526aec6e1faf98d05ca/05c67f51a71f79c418ba22f3f.js");</script> </head> <body background=white link="#0000FF" vlink="#FF0000" alink="#008080" topmargin="0"> <table border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0 width=90%> <tr> <td BGCOLOR=white valign=top align=center width=20%> <img src="http://www.max-gift.com/image/logo2.JPG" border = 0 align=center> </td> <td BGCOLOR="0000cc" valign=top align=center width=80%> <font face="Garamond" size="5" color=white> <b> Max Gift International LLC </b> <font size=4> <br><i> MaxClear</i> <font size=3> Optic Crystal, Jade Glass Awards, Trophies & Gifts <br> for engraving, sandblasting and laser etching</font> <hr width="99%"> </td> </tr></table> <!--end title section --> <div align="left"> <table border="0" width=90% cellpadding="0"> <tbody> <tr> <td BGCOLOR="ccffcc" width=20% valign="top" align="center"> </font> <font face=times size=4> <b> Online Catalog </b> <br> <br> <a href="http://www.max-gift.com/catalog/page1.php"> <img src="http://www.max-gift.com/image/corpaw.jpg" border=0> </a> <br> <font face=Times size=2> * <a href="http://www.max-gift.com/catalog/page6.php" style="text-decoration:none"> <img src="http://www.max-gift.com/image/star.jpg" border=0> </a>*<br> * <a href="http://www.max-gift.com/catalog/page1.php" style="text-decoration:none"> <img src="http://www.max-gift.com/image/obl.jpg" border=0> </a> * </font> <br> <a href="http://www.max-gift.com/catalog/page15.php"> <img src="http://www.max-gift.com/image/trophy.jpg" border=0> </a> <br> <a href="http://www.max-gift.com/catalog/page13.php"> <img src="http://www.max-gift.com/image/clock.jpg" border=0> </a> <br> <a href="http://www.max-gift.com/catalog/page11.php"> <img src="http://www.max-gift.com/image/gglobe.jpg" border=0> </a> <br> <a href="http://www.max-gift.com/catalog/page19.php"> <img src="http://www.max-gift.com/image/glassaw.jpg" border=0> </a> <br> <a href="http://www.max-gift.com/catalog/page12.php"> <img src="http://www.max-gift.com/image/ppt.jpg" border=0> </a> <br> <a href="http://www.max-gift.com/catalog/page16.php"> <img src="http://www.max-gift.com/image/pro.jpg" border=0> </a> <br> <a href="http://www.max-gift.com/catalog/page17.php"> <img src="http://www.max-gift.com/image/orn.jpg" border=0> </a> <br> <a href="http://www.max-gift.com/catalog/page18.html"> <img src="http://www.max-gift.com/image/bases.jpg" border=0> </a> <br> <font face=times size=2> <br> <hr> <i> Contact us:</i> <hr width="99%"> <font face=aerial size=2> Phone: 503-579 9804 <br> <a href="mailto:sales@max-gift.com"> E-mail <img src="http://www.max-gift.com/image/email_logo.gif" border = 0 height = 20 width= 40 align=center ALT="Email Me"></a> <br> Fax: 503-579 9776 </font> <td width=80% valign="top" align="left"> <font face=times size=1> <i> <a href="http://www.max-gift.com"> Home Page </a> > <a href="http://www.max-gift.com/image/corpaw_thumb"> Products </a> > Sales </font> </i> <table border=0 cellspacing=2 cellpadding=2 width=90%> <tr> <td align=left valign=top width=35%> <font face="Times" size="2"> <form method="GET" action="http://www.max-gift.com/cgi-bin/csvsearch/csvsearch.pl"> Search by Item # or key word: <input type="text" name="search" size="10" value=" "> <input type="submit" value="Search"></form> </td> </font> <td BGCOLOR="white" valign=top align=center width=20%> <font face="Times" size=2> <a href="http://www.max-gift.com/Maxcart"> Login <img src="http://www.max-gift.com/image/cart.gif" border = 0 height = 20 width= 20 align=center ALT="Shopping Cart"></a> (online shopping) </td> </tr></table> <font face="Times" size=2> Below are our overstock items. Limited supply. <i> (Blank crystal and glass awards, good for laser etching, sandblasting.) </i> <br> <hr> </center> <table border=0 cellspacing=2 cellpadding=2 width=95%> <tr> <td align=left valign=top width=20%> <font face="Times" size="3"> Hexagon Tower <br> M, <small> 7.5"H x2-1/8"D x 2-1/2"W -<font color="red"> $10 </font> </small> <br> L, <small> 10"H x2-1/8"D x 2-1/2"W -<font color="red"> $15 </font> </small> <br> <a href="http://www.max-gift.com/corpaw/221.jpg" target="_blank"> <img src="http://www.max-gift.com/corpaw/221.jpg" border = 0 height = 98 width= 44 align=center ALT="Hexagon Tower"></a> </td> <td BGCOLOR="white" valign=top align=left width=20%> <font face="Times" size="2"> Crystal Plaque w/base <br> Top: 8" x 5" x 3/4"D <br> <small> Black base: 7 x 2 x 1-1/4" <br><font color="red"> $15 </font> | (Qty: 28pcs) <br> </small> <a href="http://www.max-gift.com/image/508.JPG" target="_blank"> <img src="http://www.max-gift.com/image/508.JPG" border = 0 height = 92 width= 90 align=center ALT="Plaque"></a> <td BGCOLOR="white" valign=top align=left width=20%> <font face="Times" size="2"> Icepeak Award <br> <small> CA-9005 7-1/2"x5" - <font color="red"> $15 </font> <br> </small> <a href="http://www.max-gift.com/image/9005.JPG" target="_blank"> <img src="http://www.max-gift.com/image/9005.JPG" border = 0 height = 99 width= 86 align=center ALT="Icepeak"></a> <td valign = top align=left width=20%> <font face="Times" size="2"> Crystal Summit <br> 9"H x 3"D x 6-1/4"W, <font color="red"> $20</font> <br>Top 3/4" Thick<br> <a href="http://www.max-gift.com/image/812_WR.jpg"> <img src="http://www.max-gift.com/image/812_WR.jpg" border = 0 height = 100 width= 79 align=center></a> </td> </tr></table></center> <!--end section 1A--> <table border=0 cellspacing=2 cellpadding=2 width=95%> <tr> <td align=left valign=top width=20%> <font face="Times" size="2"> JG-1738. Glass Obelisk 10-1/2"H - <font color="red"> $12 </font><br> </small> <a href="http://www.max-gift.com/image/1738_2.JPG" target="_blank"> <img src="http://www.max-gift.com/image/1738_2.JPG" border = 0 height = 99 width= 63 align=center ALT="Jade Obelisk"></a> </td> </td> <td align=left valign=top width=20%> <font face="Times" size="2"> Crystal Plaque <small> 10"H x 4"W" <br><font color="red"> $8 </font> | Qty: 35 <br> </small> <a href="http://www.max-gift.com/image/4100_2.jpg" target="_blank"> <img src="http://www.max-gift.com/image/4100_2.jpg" border = 0 height = 104 width= 63 align=center ALT="4100 Plaque"></a> <a href="http://www.max-gift.com/image/4100.jpg" target="_blank"> <img src="http://www.max-gift.com/image/4100.jpg" border = 0 height = 104 width= 43 align=center ALT="4100 Plaque"></a> </td> <td valign = top align=left width=20%> <font face="Times" size="2"> Light House, 4"H - <font color="red"> $5 </font> <br> <a href="http://www.max-gift.com/desktop/LHS_4.JPG"> <img src="http://www.max-gift.com/desktop/LHS_4.JPG" border = 0 height = 105 width= 50 align=center></a> </td> </tr></table></center> <!--end section 1A--> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> </div> </td></table> <div align="left"> <table border="0" width="680"> <tbody> <tr> <td align="left" width="100"></td> <td align="left" width="580" valign="top"><!--webbot bot="Include" U-Include="Textlinks.htm" TAG="BODY" startspan --> </font></center> <!--webbot bot="Include" endspan i-checksum="42870" --> </td> </tr> <tr> <td align="left" colspan="2" width="609"><!--webbot bot="Include" U-Include="copyright.htm" TAG="BODY" startspan --> <font face="Arial" size="1"> Copyright &#169; 2010 Max Gift International LLC. All rights reserved.</font> <!--webbot bot="Include" endspan i-checksum="46170" --> </td> </tr> </table> </div> </body> </html>